Party Fun Pack


What would birthday parties be without colorful decorations and games?

Create a Party Fun Pack to support our On-Site Party Program and bring much needed supplies to our parties. Over 60 parties happen in any given month. Theme the Party Fun Pack with generic happy birthday items or choose a current and relevant theme for a child 1-17 years old. Each Party Fun Pack has an estimated value of $18.

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Download Guidelines

General Birthday Theme or Current & Relevant Theme:

Package of Party Hats (8ct-12ct)
Noisemakers/Blowers (8ct-12ct)
Streamers (1 roll)
Birthday Banner (1ct)

Balloons (12ct)
Party Game (1ct – “pin the tail” or similar game)
Juice Boxes (8ct-12ct)


Schedule a drop off at one of our offices on our Contact Us page.