Birthdays 4 Birthdays Partnership

Birthdays 4 Birthdays Partnership

Instead of a card or a cake this year, celebrate your employees birthdays with a Birthday Wishes card that honors their special day by providing a birthday party for a homeless child.

The Birthdays 4 Birthdays Partnership is a unique way to create a culture of recognition that has a double impact: showing appreciation for your employees and giving back to the community in their honor.

Birthdays For Birthdays provides birthday cards for your employees, letting them know that a homeless child will receive a birthday celebration in their honor. Each card includes a personalized message to the employee for you to present to them on their special day. Annual donation is based on numbers of employees.

Commitment levels are based on organization size. For more information and to enroll contact Lisa Vaslioff at


Bob Boudreau, CEO, WinterWyman:
“Giving back to the community is as important to us as showing appreciation
for our employees and this program provides the perfect way to do both.”


Birthdays 4 Birthdays Flyer