Become a Monthly Baker

Become a Monthly Baker

Each birthday party in our On-Site Party Program needs a birthday cake for those celebrants!

We’re looking to pair up talented bakers with our On-Site shelters to bake a birthday cake once a month. Birthday Wishes’ volunteer bakers must hold semi-professional skills and must be of at least high school age. Each birthday cake must abide by the following guidelines:



Bake It

Use a basic flavor such as vanilla, chocolate or marble. No nuts!


Frost It

Rainbow, vanilla, and chocolate are the favorites!


Decorate It

Use sprinkles, chopped candy bars, etc. to make it fun! Be sure to include the birthday child’s name on the cake!


Deliver It

Use an approved enclosed container for transport. These can be purchased at any craft store, supermarket or bakery. We cannot accept cakes on personal plates or in plastic bags.


Download Guidelines


Demand for Monthly Bakers varies from region to region and throughout the year. A volunteer application, background check, portfolio of photos, and one year commitment are required. Once an application, background check, and photos have been processed and approved by the Birthday Wishes’ programming team, you will then be paired with a shelter.

Below are our current volunteer baker needs:

Greater Boston, Southern MA, Central MA, and Northern MA: Monthly Bakers needed. Please fill out an Application and send to Sarah Dingee.