Become a Baker

Birthday Wishes provides cupcakes for all of our On-Site Parties. We’re looking for bakers  to join our Cupcake Program.

Birthday Wishes will provide bakers with:

  • A monthly update/reminder to Volunteer Bakers.
  • Clear plastic cupcake containers with lids each month unless bakers prefer to supply their own.
  • A receipt of donation for tax purposes if requested.

Cupcake Program Bakers will need to follow the below guidelines:


Bake It

Chocolate, yellow, white, marble, or Funfetti cake is best, and cupcake liners are required.

No nuts!


Frost It

Use a mix of colorful frostings or mix of chocolate & vanilla frostings.


Decorate It

Decorate with sugared confetti, colored sugars or sprinkles to make it fun!

No nuts!


Deliver It

Deliver cupcakes to the Newton Centre office on your scheduled delivery day once a month.

Use an approved enclosed container, supplied to you by Birthday Wishes. We cannot accept donations on personal plates, in boxes, or in plastic bags.

We currently do not have a need for Volunteer bakers. Please check back often for updated information.